Information for Providers

This section outlines the processes and procedures that providers will use to supply services under the ACC Integrated Sensitive Claim Service contract.  

Above is a diagram showing the new integrated services for sensitive claims (copied from the ACC website).

Above is a diagram showing the new integrated services for sensitive claims (copied from the ACC website).

Getting started

Getting started sessions give clients time to build rapport with a therapist and to make a choice about whether they would like to proceed with them. It’s also time set aside for clients to learn about how their sensitive claim will be managed and what support is available to them.

Early planning

This is part of the early support sessions with clients. The purpose of early planning sessions is to find out as early as possible the client’s needs so they can get where they need to go in a safe, supportive and flexible way.

Support to wellbeing – short term

Immediate support for clients who decide they need short-term early intervention, but don’t feel they’ll need longer term treatment.

Support for next steps

This is for clients who don’t meet ACC’s criteria for funded services. Ensures they receive support to find another provider funded by another agency or self-funded.

Supported assessment

The new service will include a supported assessment which can be over a number of sessions. These sessions could include an introductory meeting with the assessor first (if the assessor is a different person to the original therapist). The actual assessment might happen over a number of sessions and could include a debrief between the client/therapist/assessor. Clients will have the opportunity to have input (where appropriate) into recommendations before the report goes to ACC. The supported assessment helps ACC to make a cover determination. It will also provide time to explore the full range of a client’s needs, and make recommendations for ongoing treatment.

Support for wellbeing

If a claim is accepted by ACC, clients move on to the new treatment plan stage, which has been designed using principles from the Massey Guidelines. Provider and client work together on an updatable wellbeing plan for up to 12 months ahead. Once the plan is approved by ACC the funding will automatically follow saving practitioners from having to re-apply for funding repeatedly throughout a client’s treatment.

Maintaining wellbeing

These are sessions for clients who have completed their treatment, and are self-managing, but would like a check-in with their therapist. Clients will be able to go straight back to their provider to arrange appointments without needing to contact ACC.

To find relevant forms and templates, use this link to take you to the relevant ACC webpage.